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By purchasing a Payday Saturday account the user is accepting the following terms and conditions

  •  All Videos, Audios, Pictures and Information uploaded is for the sole purpose to promote your Payday Saturday account page only.
  • All media must be in accordance with safe and socially acceptable material. Profanity, Video and images deemed unacceptable by PayDay Saturday will result in immediate termination of the account with no recourse to the user.
  • A user shall not state or suggest its products or services are approved by any State Attorney General, Federal or State Government, or any authority or agency, or any other third party
  • Users may not guarantee earnings, or a certain reward level in their video/audio message as past results do not guarantee future results.
  • By purchasing their personalized Web page from PayDay Saturday, the user agrees to use this site with ethical standard business practices and for the purpose it was designed.
  • PayDay Saturday reserves the right to suspend or remove any account at the sole discretion of the Company for anything that is deemed inappropriate or used for purposes other than what it was designed for with no recourse or refund of their membership.

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